About Us

"We strive to be a world-leading communication firm anchored in data analysis. We strive to solve complex challenges through battle-tested and rigorous methodological approaches. We are constantly learning to stay ahead of the curve. We are ANCORED in two complementary worlds: data and analysis: and imagination and creativity. Our mission is to excel – which means providing our clients with world-class services and our employees with opportunities to learn, grow and thrive. We aim at unlocking our clients’ full potential – and our employees'"

Through over 40 years’ worth of communication experience at some of the world’s most reputable and recognizable brands, we are uniquely positioned to create bespoke solutions for a wealth of communication needs.

Using the power of Social Media and Big Data combined with artificial intelligence, we have access to world leading communication tools to quantify, measure and design your communication efforts. Whether you are trying to transform your brand, enhance your reputation, weather a crisis, understand voter preference or launch a new advertising effort – ANCORED can provide you with unique insights into your data and craft winning strategies. And to measure your efforts against those of your closest rivals. Knowing your data is good. Knowing your competitors’ data as well is better.

Through bespoke solutions and proprietary approaches, we will work with your organisation and transform your communications efforts in ways that make a manifest and measured impact. This means leveraging advanced analytics, design and experience to transform your tactics and strategies and help you achieve rapid results.

With exceptional understanding of the communication world, we combine cutting-edge artificial intelligence with human experience to provide our clients with unprecedented efficiency and sustainable outcomes.