ANCORED Intelligence

Social Media networks have become a key platform for individuals to share thoughts, concerns, ideas, news and political information. The information we are all exposed to on Social Media platforms ranges from professional news reports to emotionally-driven and polarising Tweets. In today’s world our reputation, our personal brand, even our identity, are largely formed online – and above all by social media. And as people are constantly bombarded by Social Media, it becomes increasingly important for companies and institutions to track, measure and analyse the overall performance of their own Social Media efforts to maximise their effect and reach their desired goals. 

Graph A visual representation of the vast amount of data points we collect for each client. This data is then used to inform your unique performance targeted communication strategy.

Underpinning our data analysis efforts are advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. These state-of-the-art tools allow us to identify patterns and extract relevant data in order to provide you with unique insights into your business or your institutional effectiveness. Although automation in the form of artificial intelligence is a corner-stone of our analysis, it is made even more powerful when it is accompanied with a human touch. There are key aspects to language and communication – such as sarcasm, irony and humour – that impede the ability of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to fully understand parts of the data. Therefore, in order to provide you with accurate data and actionable insights we combine our automated analysis with expert human decoders – creating unparalleled depth and nuanced interpretation to assess your unique situation. 

Globe One key feature of our data-driven approach is to identify where in the world your communication strategy is relevant and how to make it better.

Prior to the rise of Social Media and Big Data, measuring the impact of communication efforts was limited to polling, surveys, extrapolation and guestimates. Today we have the technology to not only measure your communications efforts but also improve upon them. Whether you are looking to launch a rebranding effort, a social media campaign, a political campaign, stakeholder outreach or advertising we are here to help you understand the impact you are having and how we can help to make it even more successful. To ensure you get the most out of your communication efforts we can help you answer questions like:

  • How effective is your communications campaign,
  • Is your campaign growing or losing traction,
  • Is it being picked up by important influencers,
  • What is the campaign's favourability amongst key audiences and markets,
  • In what geographical region is your campaign performing best,
  • Which demographic is loving/hating/indifferent to your message, and
  • Which messages resonate more and what key attributes make them more successful?

Answers to these questions provide us with unique insight into your communication profile. Using visually impactful graphs and drawing on our extensive communication experience, we will help you revise your strategies and create targeted performance recommendations.

What We Offer

Our communication team have completed key projects with leading companies across most major sectors including oil and gas, healthcare, agribusiness, consumer goods, entertainment, sports, publishing and advertising – as well as in politics, higher education, government, and non-governmental organizations.

We work alongside our clients, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses to the public and non-profit sectors, to:

  • Help enhance, refine and retarget their communication efforts
  • Assess their communications data using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis
  • Recommend, develop and launch transformational new initiatives and partnerships based on our analysis
  • Increase efficiency and cut costs 
  • Achieve deeper and lasting customer engagement

ANCORED Intelligence and Big Data proprietary approach will ensure a measurable and measured communication strategy, unlocking critical insights about your customers and ensuring that your strategy is truly data-driven, so that you achieve the best possible business outcomes.

Whether your organization is in need of strategic communication counsel or specific support related to reputation management, crisis management, public relations, or political campaigns, we will create a bespoke solution responding to your unique communication challenges.