Crisis Management


With effective issue management and horizon scanning – which ANCORED can provide through our constant data analysis – the unexpected can be minimized. But never avoided entirely.

Crisis comes in many different shapes and sizes. Natural Disasters. Organizational misdeeds. Supply chain fiascos. Rumours. Man-made catastrophes. Environmental accidents. Socio-political debacles. Conflict and civil unrest. Financial meltdowns. Crises such as these happen despite the best of planning: and with the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and online blogs information spreads in an instant and the risks to organizations’ brands are greater than ever. 

We are in an era of social super-sensitivity, fuelled by social media. A misguided email from a supervisor or an inappropriate joke at the holiday party could generate headlines in mere moments. Companies’ public image can shatter in an instant.  Handled badly, crises can damage reputations with devastating business or institutional impact. 

Social media have made us all consumers of subjective rather than objective truths. We seek information that comforts rather than challenges. We want our biases confirmed, rather than truth or accuracy. 

So when a crisis does occur, is there any hope to save the situation and ride out the storm? The short answer is yes. 

When damaging information is released to the public it’s tough to control – and as the saying goes “it’s hard to put the Gini back in the bottle” – but ANCORED can help. Our proprietary approaches to crisis management rely on Big Data analysis and artificial intelligence to provide the necessary information to accurately guide you through your crisis. Armed with this data, our experienced team will help steer you through the worst of crisis situations. We know how best to respond – and will test it to validate or adapt the strategy. ANCORED will help you craft a crisis management plan to mitigate the damage and ensure the most successful outcome. 

What We Do

Our trained and battle-tested crisis management team have experience in confronting and resolving crises from private, government and non-governmental organisations. 

We work alongside our clients, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller business, to:

  • Conduct crisis prevention and crisis assessment by harnessing the power of proprietary solutions and Big Data using ANCORED Intelligence
  • Help your organization to put in place a comprehensive crisis management plan
  • Help craft your response to a crisis and the messages that will resonate with the media and multiple stakeholders
  • Assist in creating and shaping the narrative in our client’s favour
  • Analyse consumer approvals
  • Provide data-driven targeted performance recommendations 

To best help you confront and manage your unique crisis needs, we will create a bespoke, data-driven solution which leverages the power of our communication, reputational management, and public relations teams. 

Bespoke Solutions

To best help you confront and manage your unique crisis needs, we will create a bespoke, data-driven solution which leverages the power of our communication, reputational management, and public relations teams. 

Email us at to learn more about how we can assist your communications efforts.

Our Client Pledge

Client Business Understanding: 

Each client is different and we are wholeheartedly committed to understanding your unique challenge so we can be a strong and valuable partner.

This mean that we will:

  • Ensure that both long-term and short-term success is accounted for while designing strategic performance recommendations. 
  • Provide unique data to inform your future strategy, thus ensuring both short-term and long-term success.
  • Create one-of-a-kind bespoke solution - always keeping our client’s needs at the forefront.


Knowing what to do and when to do it is rare. Sometimes the obvious is the correct way forward and other times it can be disastrous. Unlike other communication firms we ensure that our strategic performance recommendations are based on measurable data thus minimising the risk of making costly mistakes. 

This mean that we will:

  • Ensure we stay at the fore-front of academic research and praxis. Our partners, advisors and researchers hold or have held several academic positions throughout their careers and some are actively teaching graduate level communication classes at world-leading universities in Europe.  
  • Follow successful and proven approaches to communication based on unique solutions and data.


In today’s world of information overload it's increasingly difficult to be seen and heard. To ensure successful and rewarding results we are committed to combining data-driven communication analysis with creative and new approaches – thus ensuring that your message stands out - resonates - and is remembered.

This mean that we will:

  • Consider a vast range of both informative and disruptive strategies. 
  • Draw from the range of academic backgrounds at ANCORED ranging from medical sciences, literature, philosophy, economics, marketing and politics to uncover new and previously unused solutions.
  • Use Big Data to uncover competitors’ strategy and tactics. We will then leverage this information to create and exploit previously unknown opportunities.